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Smiley Re: Suche Programm zum Testen auf Artefakte in 3D-Grafik
Da gibt's den "Artifakt Tester".

Keine Ahnung ob der noch aktuell zum downloaden ist. Hab zumindest keinen Link gefunden. Vielleicht hast ja mit googlen Glück.

Hier mal die readme:

Taking Valid Artifact Measurements:

The following steps should help in taking valid

artifact measurements. Remember that Artifact

Tester is a synthetic way of measuring artifacts,

and does not compare to artifacts you may get

in "real life" gaming, working, etc. These steps

should be taken on a clean system with the best

drivers for your video card.

Steps for a valid artifact measurement:

1) Overclock your video (core and/or memory)

4 mhz higher than currently. If your

system locks up after freezing

2) (This step is optional, but recommended)

Restart the computer with the overclocked

settings. Make sure that no other programs

are running, except essential programs, like


3) Run Artifact Tester. To be completely sure

that you have absolutely no artifacts, you

may want to run both the Software Test, and

the DirectX7 test set to Hardcore.

4) If no artifacts are detected in either test,

go back to Step 1.

5) If artifacts are detected, lower your video

clock by 1 or 2 mhz, and go to Step 2.

Continue lowering your clock speed until

Artifact Tester reports no artifacts.

6) You have now found out your video's clock

speed limit. Enjoy your new overclocked


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