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Nein, das ist nicht so!

Hier mal auf englisch:

1. The BIOS finds a bootable device (hard disk) and moves control to the master boot record (MBR, the first 512 bytes of the hard disk).

2. The MBR contains GRUB stage 1. Given the small size of the MBR, Stage 1 does little more than load the next stage of GRUB (which may reside physically elsewhere on the disk). Stage 1 can either load stage 1.5, or it can load Stage 2 directly.

3. GRUB Stage 1.5 is located in the first 30 kilobytes of hard disk immediately following the MBR. Stage 1.5 loads Stage 2.

4. GRUB Stage 2 (loaded by Stage 1 or 1.5) receives control, and displays to the user the GRUB boot menu.

5. GRUB loads the user-selected (or default) kernel into memory and passes control on to the kernel. (For less well-supported operating systems, GRUB hands off control to another bootloader which then continues the process of loading that kernel).

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