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I am the Common Man.

I am the brute and the slave.

I am the fool, the despised,

From the cradle to the grave.

I am the hewer of coal.

I am the tiller of soil.

I am serf of the seas,

Born to bear and to toil.

I am the builder of halls.

I am the dweller of slums.

I am the filth and the scourge

When winter's depression comes.

I am the fighter of wars.

I am the killer of men,

Not for a day or an age,

But again and again and again.

I am the Common Man,

But, Masters of mine, take heed,

For you have put into my head

Oh! Many a wicked deed.

"Verlange nicht, daß alles so geschieht, wie du es wünschest, sondern wolle, daß alles so geschieht, wie es geschieht, und es wird dir gut gehen." (Epiktet)


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