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Smiley Re: JTextArea mit Farben
Ganz ohne Google, nur API Doc:

aus der API Doku von JTextArea:

Alternative multi-line text classes with more capabilities are JTextPane and JEditorPane.

aus der API Doku von JTextPane:

A text component that can be marked up with attributes that are represented graphically. You can find how-to information and examples of using text panes in Using Text Components, a section in The Java Tutorial.

Da liest man dann z.B. so was:

A styled text component can display and edit text using more than one font. Some styled text components allow embedded images and even embedded components. Styled text components are powerful and multi-faceted components suitable for high-end needs, and offer more avenues for customization than the other text components.

Mit HTML müsste man dann Farben einfach hinbekommen. Sieht man aber wenn ich nicht irre im Tutorial.

VG, Bernd

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