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Smiley Re: Script wird nicht beendet nach max_execution_time
> In der php_info() steht bei max_execution_time 60, ich vermute mal das bedeutet 60

> Sekunden. Mein Script läuft jetzt aber schon midestens 15 MINUTEN. Wie kann das sein?

Siehe PHP-Manual:

The maximum execution time is not affected by system calls, stream operations etc. Please see the set_time_limit() function for more details.

Unter set_time_limit

Note: The set_time_limit() function and the configuration directive max_execution_time only affect the execution time of the script itself. Any time spent on activity that happens outside the execution of the script such as system calls using system(), stream operations, database queries, etc. is not included when determining the maximum time that the script has been running.

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