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Problem 1 When double clicking the Word icon, the application loads and shortly displays the splash screen, then it crashes without showing the application window. How would you troubleshoot this scenario? Give three basic troubleshooting steps.

Problem 2 When loading a document in Winword, the application either crashes when typing in some text into the document, when trying to check spelling and grammar or when loading the document.

Give a short description or possible reasons for this problem and describe how you would troubleshoot this.

Problem 3 Winword is not able to save auto texts, default font settings or macros. During your analysis you notice that these data are stored in the Normal.dot template. Removing the template from itÂ’s location results in Winword not creating a new template. Your further research results in AddIns and COM AddIns blocking Winword to create a new Normal.dot.

Describe where you would check for AddIns and COM AddIns and how you would remove them?

Problem 4 How can you start Winword in Safe Mode?

Problem 5 When starting Word XP in Safe Mode by command line, the Windows Installer unexpectedly starts up. Your research results in that this is a bug in Word XP which has not been fixed, yet.

Give another way to start Winword in Safe Mode.

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