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Smiley Help-File von SecondCopy gelesen?
Dort wird nämlich genau auf diesen kleine Progrämmchen aus dem Windows Resource-Kit hingewiesen.

@thunderstorm (Originalauszug aus dem SecondCopy Help-File)

Second Copy 2000 can be configured to work on NT 4.0/2000 as a service if you have the srvany.exe utility that comes with Microsoft NT/2000 resource kit.

Install Second Copy using defaults

Configure any profiles as necessary. Also, edit the options and uncheck the box "show progress" in the performance tab, and "show message box....." in the copy tab

Copy INSTSRV.EXE and SRVANY.EXE from the NT Resource Kit to C:\WinNT

Run "INSTSRV SecondCopy c:\WinNT\srvany.exe"

Using REGEDT32 find the following key:- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SecondCopy

Create a new key called "Parameters"

Create a new REG_SZ value under it called "Application" and give it the value c:\Program Files\SecCopy\SecCopy.exe

Run Control Panel, Services, find the SecondCopy service and change the Startup settings for the service to log on as an account that has the relevant read/write permission for what you want SecondCopy to do (usually a member of the Backup Operators group should be okay).

Start the service.

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