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Smiley Re: fragen zu SSX 3 online mit PS2
da mir hier ja niemand helfen konnte, aber es vielelicht doch den einen oder anderen gibt der die selbe frage hat, poste ich mal was ich in den letzten tagen selbst im Netz gefunden habe:

SSX 3 Online

EA BIG Online keeps track of all records for each player when they

play "ranked" matches. To see the records and your online statistics,

visit the Official EA BIG Online web site:


Some tips on playing online:

There are two basic types of matches - ranked and unranked. The

scores for Ranked matches are recorded and kept on the EA BIG site.

All characters in ranked matches are forced to "8" on all stats to

allow both newbies and veterans of the game to play on a fair

playing field. If you want to use your level 11 guy, you have to

play an unranked match, where you will get to use your character

at level 11, but your score won't be recorded.

You can only play main events on SSX 3 Online like racing 1 race,

or 1 Slopestyle course. You cannot play any of the Peak Jams/Races

and there are no bonuses or multipliers on the courses.

It's just you and the other player.

The set up can be confusing at times, but there are two basic ways you

can find people to play. The first is to enter the "Lobby" and pick a

room with people already in it and enter it. This allows you to be seen

online and you can play the people in the room. But if you don't want to

play strangers but your friends, in order to be sure you can always

find your buddies in online competition you will probably want to set up

your EA Messenger. It's the only way to tell if a particular person is

online if they are not sitting in one of the rooms. Press circle and

enter the name of the person you would like to put on your messenger

list. The name must be spelled exactly (case doesn't matter) or it

won't appear. You can store up to 40 people.

d. Frequently Asked Questions [DetailsFAQ]


Q. Is it true that EA will erase the scoreboard after a certain of time?

A. EA now "erases" the online scoreboard at periodic intervals. By erasing,

EA has removed the scores of those players who haven't been active online

for long periods of time. You can "revive" your scores by logging on and

playing an online game. Then your scores will reappear. Why are they

resetting the scoreboard? Long story short, the longer the high scores,

continually increasing all the while, stay on the online leaderboards

the harder it becomes for anyone to increase their ranking. The all-time

top scores for each track are still present in the "Hall of Fame" score

board for each track. :)

Q. How is the main "Overall Ranking" calculated?

A. With all their fingers and toes, apparently. :) No one had any idea

until Nathan from EA posted at Merqurycity.com and answered the question:

"I was able to get this question to one of our engineers here at EA and

he gave me this answer:

1) all ranking lists except the main one are based on your absolute

times/points for a given track. So, if you achieved 2:25 on a given track,

your points for that ranking list will be based on that. The same goes

for points for trick tracks.

2) the main ranking lists is recalculated every 10 minutes based on your

rank on all the other ranking lists. The formula below is for that.

MasterPoints = NumberOfRankingLists*RankSize (this is 100) - user rank 1

- user rank 2 - user rank 3 ... -user rank last ranking list.

Points in Overall ranking list = MasterPoints

So, for example, the guy who is ranked 10th on all of them will likely

be ranked fairly high on the main ranking list. The guy that only played

one track and is unbeatable on it will never make it really high on the

main rankings.

It is not dependent on who you play or who you beat. All the track

lists depend only on your absolute best time or points for that track,

and the Overall ranking is calculated from your standing in all the

other lists, as per the formula."


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