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Implement an alternative message delivery method by dropping messages in a Windows mail server pickup directory, thus overriding the method of using the PHP mail() function implemented by the base class.

It is meant to be used by on Windows 2000 or later with IIS or Exchange mail servers because since this release the pickup directory started being supported.

It is much faster than relaying messages to an SMTP server because it works simply by storing messages in a special directory. This delivery method does not have the overhead of the SMTP protocol. The class does not need to wait for the mail server to pickup the messages and deliver them to the destination recipients. Therefore, it is recommended for bulk mailing.


This class should be used exactly the same way as the base class for composing and sending messages. Just create a new object of this class as follows and set only the necessary variables to configure details of the message pickup.



$message_object = new pickup_message_class;

- Requirements

You need to use at least Windows 2000 with IIS mail server or Exchange 2000 or later.

The PHP script using this class must also run in the same Windows machine on which the mail server is running. The current user must have sufficient privileges to write to the mail server pickup directory.

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