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Bei der Anmeldung muß u.a. dies hier bestätigt werden:

"1. Copyrights.

5.1. All materials presented on this site are avaliable for the distribtution over the Internet in accordance with the license of the Russian Organization for multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS) and intended for personal use only. Further distribution, resale or broadcasting is strictly prohibited.

5.2. The Site remunerates the fees for every downloaded File in accordance with the license agreement.

5.3. All trade marks, trade names, company names, slogans, logos, and any other copyright items, which can be seen on the Site pages in various contexts, are the property of their respective owners. You have no right to copy, distribute or use them otherwise without the prior written consent of the owners.

5.4. The Client has no right to download Files from the archive of audio recordings of MP3Sugar.com if this violates the law of his country.

5.5. The Site Administration is not controling the Client's actions therefore the Client is reponsibile for any illegitimate use of the Site's materials."

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