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Smiley Re: ps2pdf nimmt Schrift nicht her
Wie Jus schon schrieb, wird html2ps die Schriftart (z.B. Arial) nicht kennen und mit einer ähnlichen Schriftart ersetzen.

Auszug aus der Hilfe /usr/lib/html2ps/html2ps.html (SuSE-Pfad) - schau Dir mal "html2ps -h" bzw. "man html2ps" an, wo die Hilfedatei steht:

Configuration files

Configuration files are used for layout control, resource information etc. Normally, there should always exist a global configuration file. In this file one typically specify things like: what image conversion packages are available on the system, the default paper size, the default text fonts and sizes, etc.

For Unix and Windows systems, the installation script 'install' can be used to automatically build a global configuration file with all necessary definitions, and install all files. The files replaced by the installation are saved. If you for some reason are not satisfied with the new version: execute the script 'backout' to reinstall your earlier version.

On other systems, you will have to manually create a global configuration file, and insert the name of this file into the html2ps script (close to the beginning, the line starting with "$globrc="). The configuration file should contain a package block, and perhaps paper and hyphenation blocks, described below.

Each user can then have a personal configuration file (by default $HOME/.html2psrc) that complements/overrides the definitions made in the global file. It is also possible to specify alternative files on the command line, using the -f option.


The font block

Currently, html2ps recognizes the fonts: Times, New-Century-Schoolbook, Helvetica, Helvetica-Narrow, Palatino, Avantgarde, Bookman, and Courier. To add a new font (family), choose a name (consisting of letters, digits, hyphens, and underscores) for the font. Then define a sub-block to the font block, with the same name as the chosen font name. This block can contain two key-value pairs:


A string containing four PostScript font names, separated by whitespace, corresponding to the font styles normal, italic, bold, and bold-italic. If less than four names are given, the first is used for the missing names. Note that PostScript font names are case sensitive.


A string of four file names, separated by whitespace, for files containing font definitions for the four font styles as specified above.

Example: A font 'myfont' has its four font styles defined in local files. To use this font in all tables in the converted documents, one can use something like:

TABLE { font-family: myfont }

@html2ps {

font {

myfont {

names: "MyFont-Roman MyFont-Italic MyFont-Bold MyFont-BoldItalic";

files: "/x/y/myfr.pfa /x/y/myfi.pfa /x/y/myfb.pfa /x/y/myfbi.pfa";





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