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Smiley Re: Frage zu IP-Programmierung...
Das hier ist von codeguru.com. Bei mir hat es geklappt!Following is a code that gets local machine IP addresses. The advantages over the article by Jeff Lundgren are that my code recognises ALL IP addresses and is ready for IPv6 ;-) char szHostName[128]; if( gethostname(szHostName, 128) == 0 ) { // Get host adresses struct hostent * pHost; int i; pHost = gethostbyname(szHostName); for( i = 0; pHost!= NULL && pHost->h_addr_list[i]!= NULL; i++ ) { CString str; int j; for( j = 0; j h_length; j++ ) { CString addr; if( j > 0 ) str += "."; addr.Format("%u", (unsigned int)((unsigned char*)pHost->h_addr_list[i])[j]); str += addr; } // str now contains one local IP address - do whatever you want to do with it (probably add it to a list) } }Gruß,Robert

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