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Smiley Re: Viele Shares lösen ...
HI,mit dem net share befehl:NET SHARE sharename sharename=drive:path [/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED] [/REMARK:"text"] sharename [/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED] [/REMARK:"text"] {sharename | devicename | drive:path} /DELETENET SHARE makes a server's resources available to network users. Whenused without options, it lists information about all resources beingshared on the computer. For each resource, Windows NT reports thedevicename(s) or pathname(s) and a descriptive comment associated with it.sharename Is the network name of the shared resource. Type NET SHARE with a sharename only to display information about that share.drive:path Specifies the absolute path of the directory to be shared./USERS:number Sets the maximum number of users who can simultaneously access the shared resource./UNLIMITED Specifies an unlimited number of users can simultaneously access the shared resource/REMARK:"text" Adds a descriptive comment about the resource. Enclose the text in quotation marks.devicename Is one or more printers (LPT1: through LPT9:) shared by sharename./DELETE Stops sharing the resource.oder falls du es remote machen willst, mit rmtshare.exe (ResKit)cooljam

Q: Wen interessiert eigentlich die Rechnerausstattung der Teilnehmer in der Microsite?
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