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Ich bin selber auf der Netscape-Homepage fündig geworden. Wahrscheinlich interessiert auch andere die Lösung:================================================Setting a password for your user profileYour user profile contains information about your email, preferences, bookmarks, and security information. By default, your user profile is accessible to anyone else who has access to your computer. If you want, you can set a password to prevent someone else from inadvertently starting Communicator with your user profile.Important Setting a password for your user profile does not protect your profile information against unauthorized tampering or prevent someone else from deleting or renaming your user profile. Setting a password is primarily useful as a convenience in situations where different people that you know and trust, such as family members, use the same computer and want to keep their Communicator information separate.Enabling passwords for user profilesBefore you can set a password for your user profile, you must first enable passwords for user profiles. Note: To enable user profile passwords, you must have both Java and JavaScript turned on. If you think you may have disabled either one, choose Preferences from the Edit menu. In the Preferences dialog box, click Advanced and make sure that Java and JavaScript are enabled. Click OK to have your changes take affect. After you are done enabling passwords, you can restore your Java and JavaScript settings.1.Start Communicator. 2.Go to the following web page: http://home.netscape.com/communicator/v4.5/passwords/doit.html3.Choose "Enable profile passwords" and click Save. If a Java Security dialog box appears, check "Remember this decision" and click Grant.4.Exit Communicator and follow the instructions in the next section, "Setting your password," to set up a password for your profile. Setting your passwordYou use Communicator's User Profile Manager to set or change user profile passwords. To set a password for your user profile: 1.If Communicator is running, choose Exit from the File menu to quit the program. 2.From the Start menu, choose Programs, then choose Netscape Communicator, then choose Utilities, then choose User Profile Manager.3.Select a profile that you want to assign a password to. 4.Click Change Password. 5.In the fields provided, enter your new password, and then re-enter it for verification. 6.Click Change Password. 7.Click Back, choose your profile and start Communicator. 8.When prompted, enter the password for your user profile and click OK. ================================================Das muss einem doch gesagt werden, was meint ihr?

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