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Smiley Re: Wie kann man die Zeiträume zwischen Replikationen einstellen?
Hallo Bernd,Ich bin beileibe kein Replications-Spezialist.Alles was ich weiß:Auszug aus Microsoft Access Replication FAQ -Download 22. Why does my replica report that it has expired? How can I fix it?If your replica was created using DAO or the Replication Manager, the default expiration period is 60 days. If the replica set was created through the UI, the default expiration period is 1000 days. Unfortunately, the expiration date is not exposed to DAO. You need to use the Replication Manager to change the expiration date. If you donÂ’t have the Replication Manager installed, you can always just open your Design Master and synchronize with the replica member, even though it reports it has expired.Of course, this will not work if you have made design changes that the “expired” replica never received. If this is the case, then the Jet database engine will not be able to get the two replicas to have the same schema, and the expired replica will never be able to synchronize with the other replicas again.Der Replication Manager ist Bestandteil der ODE (bei A97)Einen Ersatz namens - TSI Synchronizer - bietet Michka Kaplan aus seiner Trigeminal Software, Inc.SiteWalter

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