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Before proceeding with this make sure that Lotus Notes is the default

mail client in your workstation, you can check this under Control Panel - Internet - Programs.

If the option to "Enable MS Office 97 SentTo to Notes" is not available in Notes under File

Preferences User Preferences on a client PC, you can add the following registry entry

to enable Notes as mail for MS Office applications. This works for Office 97.

Edit the Registry and create a new folder called MAPIDLL


Create a new string called DLL32 in


with the data value of c:\notes\nmailman.dll

This enable Word & Excel to send mail through Notes. The option to "Enable MS Office 97 ......"

still doesn't show up in the preferences.

Backup your registry - before doing this

To backup the registry, select the top level of the registry key on

the left panel, which should be My Computer. Go to Registry then choose

Import Registry File... and select a location to store your registry key.

To restore just double click on the registry key.

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