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Smiley Re: Suche Info zur shadow Datei (Aufbau der Felder) !!!!
Each entry in the shadow file has the form:username:password:lastchg:min:max:warn:inactive:expire:flagThe fields are defined as follows:username The user's login name (UID).password A 13-character encrypted password for the user, a lock string to indicate that the login is not accessible, or no string, which shows that there is no password for the login.lastchg The number of days between January 1, 1970, and the date that the password was last modified.min The minimum number of days required between password changes.max The maximum number of days the password is valid.warn The number of days before password expires that the user is warned.inactive The number of days of inactivity allowed for that user.expire An absolute date specifying when the login may no longer be used.flag Reserved for future use, set to zero. Currently not used.

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