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This can be easy or hard. It does take practice also. When you first

start there will be a bunch of mecha koopas. You must jump on them

wildst avoiding their flame. When you have killed them all there will

be 3 rings of fire. They will move, grow, and shrink. This is hard and

I have no strategy for it. Just do your best! After that, Bowser jumps

out from the T.V. You just got to avoid him and his fire breath. Once

he jumps on the same tile three times he falls through. Then the whole

floor breaks and you go down with him. Bowser makes himself grow and it makes him fall down again but you can still see his arms and face. He throws little fire balls at you. Dodge them. Then he uses his flame

breath. Dodge it. Pick up the fire ball which became blue and black

from the fire. He then uses his shockwave move. You know the drill. Get up as close as you can to his nose and throw the ball. Repeat this

until he has no more health.


Laut Text ist also nach dem Runterfallen von Bowser reines Ausweichen angesagt, eine andere Taktik gibt es wohl nicht. Du musst immer ausweichen und nebenbei die Feuerbälle aufsammeln, die vom Feuer blau und schwarz geworden sind, damit sich ihm nähern und ihm die Dinger auf die Nase werfen. Solange, bis er keine Energie mehr hat.

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