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Smiley Re: Tabellendaten aus Delphi 5 als ASCII Datei ausgeben
hallozb.****************+TPgCSV component V 1.31By: Khashayar Sadjadi (khashi@pragena.8m.com)http://pragena.8m.com Licnese and copyright:----------------------TPgCSV compoent is a freeware software, you can use it in your commercial or non-commercial applications for free.You can freely re-distibute the component if you notice writer in credits.Summary:--------TPgCSV is a component to import and export Delphi Tables to Comma or other Seprated Value files.*************************+oder bei www.torry.net->DBAware->DBAccess zb.DBCvt v.1.5 FW 245-286 Kb 11.03.97 By Bill Florac. Unit to import/export an ascii files to/from a (paradox) table. Far better and more flexible than BatchMove. Fully functionalSource: Included Download: D1 D2 pumi
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