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Q: Blank form at design or run time: Using QuickReports 2, I have a report with only a title band and some QRLabels, at design or run time I can not print or preview the form (It is blank). What is wrong?

A: Most likly, QuickReport doesn't think you any Data to print or preview. At runtime you can tell QR to print using this techinque:

On the Report's OnNeedData event, add this code:

If Form1.tag = 0 then


MoreData := True;

Form1.Tag := 1;



MoreData := False;

This tells the QR component that it got data, go ahead and print. Then the component on the next time into the event to stop - no longer needs data avoiding an infinite loop. Of couse Form1's tag property is simple being used as a flag, thus can be replaced by any other flaging scheme.

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