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To obtain the BIOS update, please download from http://www.dfi.com/support/download1.asp and choose the appropriate file according to your motherboard model and version. PLEASE BE WARNED THAT UPDATING WRONG BIOS MAY CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM NOT BEING ABLE TO BOOT AT ALL!!! To update the BIOS you first need to extract the binary file (*.bin) and the flash utility (*.exe) program from the zip file downloaded from the above website. Once you have extracted those files, please then boot your system from floppy drive and type in the following command under the DOS prompt (NOT under windows!!): A:\>[executable file] [filename].bin /Sn /Py e.g. awdflash xxxxxxx.bin /Sn /Py Reset your system AFTER flash process is completed and LOAD OPTIMAL SETTINGS (or for some it may be shown as "LOAD BIOS DEFAULT") in the BIOS setup menu when you first restart the system. WARNING: Please take great care during BIOS flash process, your computer may not be able to boot if you did not flash the BIOS properly!!Danke
Ein Computer ist dazu da, Probleme zu lösen, die man ohne ihn niemals hätte.......

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